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This professional engineer license renewal PDH course presents the stabilization and solidification technologies being applied to the treatment of industrial wastes, the treatment of waste prior to secure landfill disposal, and the treatment of contaminated land where large quantities of soil containing contaminants are encountered. Take this PE online PDH course to learn how stabilization and solidification are physicochemical processes.
3 hours $59.95
This PE license renewal continuing education course has been specifically written for professional engineers or other building professionals to learn the fundamentals of solar electric design, with an emphasis on rooftop solar. The PE will learn site analysis, material selection, budgets, and pro tips. Pay careful attention and the engineer will learn the steps needed to generate project permit documentation, specialty material lists including supply chain navigation, and even which general items might be bought at a local electrical supply store.
6 hours $109.95
This professional engineer license renewal PDH course introduces an overview of solid waste landfill design, operation, and performance. This PE PDH course covers the materials related to Site Selection, Site Preparation, Equipment, Operation, Environmental Considerations, Bioreactor Landfill, Landfill Design, Completed Solid Waste Landfills, Solid Waste By-Products and their beneficial use. This PE continuing education course is suggested for civil engineers, environmental engineers, and solid and hazardous waste landfill managers and operators.
5 hours $94.95
This Professional Engineer license renewal PDH course introduces the principles of water chemistry, physical, chemical, biological, and radiological characteristics of water, reaction kinetics, coagulation/flocculation, softening, mixing and flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, adsorption, and water plant waste management.
4 hours $84.95
This Professional Engineer license renewal course presents the principles and practices of wastewater collection system. This PE PDH course will outline the preliminary sewer design issues, the hydraulic design of gravity and pressure sewers, sewer system layout, appurtenances, facilities act, regulatory stands, and permitting requirements, structural design of sewer lines, and the essential steps for sewer management and operation. This PE continuing education course will also discuss how to approach evaluation and rehabilitation of existing sewer systems. This PE professional development course is ideal for civil professional engineers and other design and construction professionals looking for an introduction to the design, operation, and maintenance of wastewater collection systems.
4 hours $84.95
This PE PDH course introduces the basics of water pollution and its control. The professional engineers learn about water pollutants and their sources and water pollution in rivers. More specifically the PE will be familiar with the definition, importance, and consequences of total maximum daily load (TMDL), effect of oxygen demanding wastes on rivers, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), graphical determination of BOD constants, laboratory measurements of BOD, dissolved oxygen (DO) sag curve, effects of nutrients on water quality in rivers. This course is suggested for civil engineers, environmental engineers, and water and wastewater treatment plant managers and operators.
4 hours $84.95
The Professional Engineer license renewal course is designed to introduce Water Cycle, Watershed, Water Supply System Components, Water Supply Sources, Water Quality, Water Quantity, Distribution Systems, Water Quality Standards, Health Effects, Aesthetic Effects, Planning and Management of Water Supply Systems. This online PDH course defines and elaborates on water cycle, watershed, elements of water supply systems, distribution systems, effects on health and environment, as well as the engineering, planning and management of water supply systems. This PDH PE renewal course also solves a few problems to show the use of Darcy-Weisback equation, Hazen William’s Nomogram and energy equation to estimate the head loss and pressure at a certain point in a distribution system. This PE license renewal course is suggested for civil professional engineers, environmental professional engineers, and water and wastewater treatment plant managers and operators.
3 hours $59.95